5 Communications technology is vital in today's business climate

Every new building, renovation, or retrofit needs to incorporate state of the art computer and communications technology into the architecture of its operation. The telecommunications system is an essential component of building design.   We understand its importance to the organization and take every step to insure this area delivers state-of-the-art performance while maintaining budgetary guidelines.  We can provide a complete communications package, from design-build to system troubleshooting and maintenance.

  • Install communications distribution systems

  • Integrate power requirements for networks

  • Simplify upgrades/system management

  • Install, troubleshoot and maintain fire alarm

  • Install, troubleshoot and maintain nurse call systems

  • Install, troubleshoot and maintain patient wander system

  • All installations are fully tested and documented to meet standard industry practices and codes such as TIA/EIA (three standards from the Telecommunications Industry Association), the Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI), and the National Electrical Code® (NEC®).